Domestic Cleaning – a Luxury or Necessity for Busy Professional

I have heard this thing many times before – having a maid do your house cleaning at home is a luxury not everybody can afford.

While I agree with the bit that not everybody can afford it, I have always said – what’s the ROI in this business deal? For it is a business deal, alright. You put in money and expecting to get out something out – quality family time, extra time to work on business projects that will make you money, or anything else that has a benefit for you.

Put yourself in the shoes of a young city professional living in London on his own, just started a long journey to build his career. He works long hours and the few spare moments he has for himself are extremely precious to him. Spending those hours cleaning and maintaining the house, washing and ironing clothes is the last thing he can afford to do. He is paid well and in his situation makes more sense to invest in a few hours per week so he can get more spare time outside of work to do whatever he pleases. It’s a good ROI, don’t you think?